Technological notes for this blog

by Catonano — dom 06 gennaio 2019

Some tech notes about this blog

First thing first: this blog is made with Haunt

Second: this site is available through an atom feed.

I managed to introduce some support for static pages. Meaning that they don't appear in the list of posts but rather as a sort of header of the home page. In the future I could add some more navigational aid. For now, Haunt produces my pages.

This blog has no Javascript whatsoever. I gave my reasons for this choice in the opening post.

In the future I'd like to improve the support for the so called semantic html5 and to run those tests for accessibility for visually impaired people and for html compliance and quality.

This site is available through the DAT protocol. This is its address. As an alternative, it's accessible more traditionally over http thanks to Hashbase (thank you !)

Because I wanted to get acquainted with Fossil, I started using Fossil to manage the work I do on this blog.

As far as I understand there are no on line services hosting Fossil based repositories.

So, as a remedy, I made the Fossil file containg the repo for this blog available through the blog itself.

Should anyone want to send me some patch, I'd be happy to receive it; I'd integrate it (not so) swiftly.

If ypu are used to Git and don't now Fossil, Fossil is a versioning management system for code, a competitor to Git, Darcs, Svn and all other version management systems.

It stores the code and the resources (even binary files) in a single file.

So if you install Fossil, it'll be able to extract teh repository (with all its history and branches) from the file.

So you could soart working on it. Of course you'd need Haunt and guile-reader too.

The fonts I'm using are still hosted by Google. I know, I know. I'll fix this as soon as I can bring myself to do such a boring task.

I'd like to support the embedding of videos instead of publishing simply a link to a video file or page.

But I don't know how to do that in today's html.

Also I don't know how to do that using the markdown I'm using to write this blog. We'll see, time will tell.

In the future I'd like to use Markdown less and use more Texinfo and more of the Skribilo markup.

I managed to build guile-reader so now I could install Skribilo and study it.

I have mentioned Skribilo in the past. As you can see I move slowly. I can only tae so much frustration in a given time.

I guess that's all for now.