The opening blog post

by Catonano — lun 19 febbraio 2018


This is my first blog post in the current life.

In the past I have used Blogger and some Clojure tools and Medium but I never managed to publish more than a single article every time. Sometimes not even a single article

Continuity is not one of my strenghts.

For reference, these are some of the articles that I posted in the past

It's now time for a new attempt at a little personal indie blog.

In the coming months I will populate this blog with more stuff, I hope

Some technological choices for this blog

I want to thank the author of this graphical layout, I love this dearly and I'm allowed to use this for free ! Isn't this marvelous ?

Actually, I messed up the layout a bit, since when I discovered it, was it in 2013 ? I should probably download the original thing and start from scratch, maybe I can recuperate some typographical subtlety.

For example, the color for the already visited link isn't working and I'm also not sure about the typeface. Is the shown typefface from the org-mode stylesheet I stole ? Or is it from the smpl theme ?

I'll have to troubleshoot my stylesheets. Oh my, I hate that !

No JavaScript whatsoever. Why ?

I decided to not have any JavaScript at all, on this site.

I found this idea on Nolan's mastodon feed.

I can't find the post again now but there I discovered that the CPU can be the bottleneck in many client devices nowadays. So a heavy load of JavaScript can be not inclusive. And I don't want that.

And this brings to my mind that in 2014 (or so) I explored Hoplon, an extremely elegant and smart framework. As much lispy tech can be.

Hoplon is similar to what I'm using now in some ways. Maybe I'll write more on those similarities later. But Hoplon is enterprisey.

For example, it deploys an object code that writes the whole page while in the browser. Extremely cool but also quite heavy.

In fact I remember testing a prototype of a similar personal blog I made with Hoplon on a modest mobile phone and it crashed the browser

And then on top of that, the NPM world is as bad as being totally incompatible with the Free System Distribution Guidelines

About this, you can read the ineffable Christopher Lemmer Webber's blog post and my own thread on the guix dev mailing list

So, there are enough reasons to avoid JavaScript.

Even thought that means I can't have the extremely cool animation on the background image and maybe something else too

Apart from JavaScript, some more tech considerations

Probably I also need some solution for my nav sections, as it is now, I have no navigation aid and that's not good.

Since january 2019 I can have static paes too.

I made the Fossil file available here. You can download it, checkout the repo and start working on it. I'm ready to receive patches or issues with good ideas :-)

The most important thing I'd like to do in the next months

Now for the first meaningful note of this blog: things I want to keep an eye on in the future

Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics

I meant to read it last year but life hit me like a bus.

I want to try again. I think I'm going to use the MIT Scheme, instead of the Guile port of the library available on line.

Sussman uses Scheme like a pro and the subject is challenging. The semantics are subtle enough and I don't want compatibility obstacles to understanding

As a few minor things

There's this very interesting article, I found it on Twitter, here.

It's about some indications related to energy consumption in cities that can be obtained from OpenStreetMap data.

I only skimmed the abstract. But if they published the software they used too, I'd like to package it for Guix and try to

  • reproduce their results
  • test drive it on my home town, maybe on more towns around here and maybe around Europe
  • Attempt to rewrite the software in Guile scheme. Let me dream !

Some minor minor things

There's this potential integration layer between Guile and Gnome, it's calleg G-golf.

About G-golf, here is a post of mine on the guix-dev mailing list.

I left that suspended, I'd like to pick it up again and continue it.


Then there's guile-squee, a glue layer between Guile and Postgresql.

That's necessary, connection to DBs is the bread and butter of business (proprietary) software.

Also, I dream of a Datomic clone for Guile. And i think that a solid connection to Postgresql is a required base for attempting such a thing. Further (pluggable ?) storage engines can be added later.


Then there's GNUnet, and its integration with Guix (with system services and maybe integrations with the desktop) and its integration with Guile.

If Guile was integrated with both Gnome and GNUnet, maybe some beautiful native GUI GNUnet based apps could be made in Guile.

Tons of work to do :-/